Isabella Michaels Ban Appeal

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Isabella Michaels Ban Appeal

Postby Logywoo2 » 11 Jun 2018, 20:33

Posting on behalf of Isabella Michaels.

In-game character name:
Isabella Michaels

SteamId lookup URL:

Forum account URL:

Approximate date of ban:
Frankly I have no idea, but I am sure you can find out by checking my accounts history of when you deactivated the account. I can, however, assure that is has been more then
a "week" which is required per the ban appeal rules.
(5th January 2018)

Description of events that led to the ban:
My ban was done due to immature behaviour on the forum where a lot of malicious content was posted on purpose in order to get banned.

Why do you feel you deserve to be unbanned:
First of all, I did in fact spam the forum with foolish content and for that I apologize, however, I think I deserve an unban as I acknowledge my mistakes and have had a long time to reflect upon what has been said and done in the past. I have and will always have the best intent for RLS and the community that comes with. I think that if you look away from my apparent bad remarks which I have left upon my department, I would still have a lot of actual positive contributions such as experience and activity. I respect whatever the communities/your(keeri) decision will be, wether I get back in or not.

Any additional information or counter-proof that may aid your appeal:
I have no additional information which can "Aid" my appeal, only my hopes and dreams that my mistakes will be forgiven.

I believe he's had time to reflect on what he's done, it's been a few months since he was banned, correct me if wrong though pls. He was always a good person to have in the community when he was around since he helped a lot of people to become better in different aspects such as myself. He helped me to become the person I am today and he's one of the few people that got me to stick around for as long as I have done. Given the fact that his actions were done out of pure frustration due to the recent events that had taken place, at that time, he still deserves his chance to come back and make good of what he still can. I would suggest a temporary elite ban since it's appropriate for all that come back after a ban. +1, apply a temporary elite ban as an alternative.

Edit: Added the ban date
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Re: Isabella Michaels Ban Appeal

Postby Pie Eater » 11 Jun 2018, 20:54

I've seen two sides of Isabella, one where he was a great guy, caring for the people and for the server indeed, and a pretty non-toxic person. But the other side was of him was the complete opposite, just doing certain things to annoy people, not giving any fuck about what happenend in the server besides what she actually was intrested in etc...

However, I am willing to give people their second chances, and I believe it's his first ban. I am going to +1 this in the hopes that he comes back as a mature player who knows how to respect everyone from all faction, and not just the faction he happens to end up in.

Also maybe, since high positions can be abused more easily to spread hate with blacklists and what not, maybe give him a temporary elite ban instead
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Re: Isabella Michaels Ban Appeal

Postby efe petrikov » 11 Jun 2018, 21:58

-1 because of past horrible and toxic behaviour. I don't believe he had learned anything from his ban. Just another ban appeal trying to take advantage of the current state of the server. -1
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Re: Isabella Michaels Ban Appeal

Postby Robin Pike » 12 Jun 2018, 02:33

I also have seen both sides of Isabella, and i can say that at one time he was a good member of the community. However, his toxic side, also had devastating effects on the community. I like to believe that everyone deserves a second chance, but for me it makes no sense for someone who acted immaturely in order to "get himself banned", to now come and ask to be accepted back into the community:
Logywoo2 wrote:Description of events that led to the ban:
My ban was done due to immature behaviour on the forum where a lot of malicious content was posted on purpose in order to get banned.

So, and besides all other kinds of offenses, you (Isabella) after insulting the community and it's creator in order to get banned, now desire to rejoin?
According to your ban appeal, you acted in order to get yourself banned... and you got your wish granted, you got banned. Now you want a "refund" for you wish?
I, personally, think that the kind of behavior that you had is worse than any other kind of behavior that i've seen recently. I have zero tolerance for rule breaking and cheating, and i'm usually against cheaters and other rule breakers getting forgiven, because following the rules is not hard, and if they are broken by accidentally, it should not happen a second time. Taking Vic's ban appeal as an example , i can not agree that he's accepted back in after abusing the system, but i can understand his reasons for wanting to be back, and i can respect that.
In your case there's no logical reason for you to want to return. You where a member of the community and you didn't use cheats to get an advantage ingame, nor abuse the systems implemented to harm others, in your (or your faction's) favor. You didn't choose to simply abandon the community calmly, or to take a break from it, you choose to get yourself banned by insulting others. This was your choice! You had plenty of other options that wouldn't have caused any problems, but you choose to go out with a "bang", and you got your wish. So, for me, what you did is worse than what other banned people ever did.

Our community has gotten a bit smaller since the start of the year, that is a fact, but in my opinion it has also became a much friendlier community. There's no more big dramas over ever single cap or action, we even now made an IC pact between most factions that has improved the way that we solve most problems. When there's an issue, faction leaders now solve it together, and rule-breakers are quickly dealt with. Back when Isabella was a member of the community, i do recall that many of the issues that divided the community came from him, and most of it has stopped since he got banned.

So, i'm sorry, but due to my personal opinions i can not give anything but a -1 on this case.
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Re: Isabella Michaels Ban Appeal

Postby keeri » 12 Jun 2018, 11:56

After all the racist and homophobic slurs aimed at both staff and community members, death threats, attempts to manipulate in-game balance with real world currency, you don't only not "deserve an unban", you are not welcome here.
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