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[IC] Bryce Hart

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Name : Bryce Hart
Gender : Male
Status : Alive
Affiliation : Enforcers
Position : Officer Marksman I
Known relatives : None
Bryce can be considered a good-tempered person, and loves to teach things to other people. He was born in London. He lived a normal and happy childhood in the company of his parents and his little brother Nick, who was just one year younger than Bryce. Both of them went to the same school and were each other's best friend. Their grades... "Enough to pass" describes them well. As the time goes by, Bryce grows up and enlists himself at London's Metropolitan Police Department, fulfilling his childhood dream of helping to keep his and other people's loved ones safe. Some years later, the whole family goes for an off country trip to the beautiful and calm lands of Panau, a country that Bryce's father always wanted to visit. When arriving at Panau International Airport, they headed for a small village at the north of Panau where they already reserved a place to stay for a few weeks.

In one particular day in that family vacation, Bryce is returning home from a tour and sees a few houses on the village partially destroyed, including the one in which his family was currently living. He rushes into the house to find his whole family dead in the most gruesome way: Multiple shots in the chest, dismembered limbs, and decapitated heads. As Bryce stared at this scene with horror, three man came from behind, one of them hits him in the head, leaving him unconscious. He wakes up tied in a chair in the same place, being able to see the limbs and heads of his loved ones piled in the corner of that room. The three staring at him with a satisfaction smile in their faces. They tell Bryce, the only "foreign" survivor, to go back to his land and spread word about the Ular Boys, and how they will isolate Panau from the outside world to make it peaceful and perfect for its natives, and anyone who dares to intervene will meet similar fate.

Bryce abandons his whole life in London to live in Panau. There, he enlists in the Enforcers, a military organization specialized in protecting the country from illegal paramilitary organizations. In there, he will make what he can to protect the civilians and prevent such horrors from ever happening again.

(( If I'm not lazy in a near future, some things may change. ))
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