[IC] Reawakening

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[IC] Reawakening

Postby Justicecharity » 19 Oct 2018, 21:47

The Roach Lab is where the Roaches test and build their private technology. Run by the Roach Science Department, it has fallen into disarray. Thomas Graves comes back to the lab after a long absence to resume the program.

Thomas parked next to the lab and sighs before turning the car off. The rain outside was dying down into a gentle shower, still producing satisfying pattering as it hit the roof. He takes his bag and umbrella from the passenger seat, opens the door, and steps outside. He opens the umbrella and closes the door behind him. Looking around it was clear that this town had already bared the brunt of the rain, water gleaming on the rooftops and puddles on the ground. Thomas didn't mind this of course, for it kept the denizens inside and made the town considerably quieter than it would have been otherwise. This town was historically one of the safest the Roaches controlled, making it a perfect place to build the lab. He begins to walk to the lab, still taking in the atmosphere of this quiet rainy morning.

When he got to the covered entrance of the lab he put up his umbrella and shook it off. Looking around the entrance, there were numerous spray-paintings, mainly near the Roach Symbol on the side of the building. There was a cross through the symbol and “family killers” written next to it. Sighing, he sat the umbrella down next to the door and took his wallet from his pocket. Going through the wallet, he searched for his Roach ID card. He kept mementos in his wallet: an old Enforcer badge, a weathered Ular ID card, and a laminated business card with his contact info on it from when he was a Boss. After searching for a second, he took the ID card out of his wallet and kept the wallet in his other hand. He looked over at the scanner next to the door. It had 2 lights on it, one green and one red, currently the red one was on. He ran the card through the scanner, after a moment the light turned green and the door unlocked. He put his card back into his wallet and put it back into his pocket. Reaching over he grabbed his umbrella and entered the lab.

He walked into the lab and looked around. "Looks like no one has been in here for a while," he said. He reached over and turned on the light switch. He walked over to the other side of the lab and sat his bag down on his old desk. Looking over his desk he notices the placard on the side of it he turned it to him. John Callaghan Executive Assistant. He chuckles to himself before turning it around again. He reaches into his bag taking out a thumb drive, throws it in his pocket, then leaves his office and goes into the main lab area. The lab area hasn't changed much since his last time there. The usual noise emanating from the machines had fallen silent, forgotten, abandoned, calling from the control panel to be used again. The Roach Science Department itself has been in disarray since his and Vulcan’s departure.

It is time for that reality to change.

Thomas grimaced and started walking over to the power box on the side of the room. He opened the box and grabbed the lever and pulled it down. The main lights turned on, and the ventilation system kicked on. He looked over at the machines.

The sleeping machines, long deactivated, awoke from their slumber, the noise from them once again filling the room.

He walked over to the center of the room to the control panel and logged in. He looked through the files still present and noticed that most Roach projects were missing. Grabbing the thumb drive from his pocket, he plugs it into the control panel and moves all the backup copies of the projects onto the control panel. He searches the project files until he finds the project he was searching for and sets it to run.

The loudspeakers bellow out “Roach Project DS-83 Is Now Active.”

“It is time.”
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