[IC] When Shit Hits the Fan

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[IC] When Shit Hits the Fan

Postby Tuna » 04 Jan 2019, 22:02

Nobody heard the gunfire over the din of celebratory fireworks. The screams of the wounded mixed with the shouts of joy coming from the balcony.

Tuna guessed this wouldn't be easy; meeting with a Government scientist in the middle of a New Year's Eve party at the White Coral Bay.
He had to stay disguised as he mingled with many high-ranking Enforcers and Government agents, all of whom would kill him instantly to claim the bounty on his head. He had seen his contact, Isaac Bronstein, almost immediately. This wasn't a good sign and he knew it. Surely such an important scientist would conceal his identity? Tuna's eyes darted around the bar, but it was impossible to tell party-goer from assassin. They were all armed to the teeth. He knew it would be too risky to go straight up to Bronstein, so he ordered a drink from the bar first.

"What would you like, sir? Only drinks from the set list for this party are available," said the bartender, cheerfully.
"Can I have something that doesn't end in 'on the beach'?", replied a confused Tuna.
"We have Chardonnay, sir"
"Of course you do. Just give me some vodka."

Some moments passed as the bartender poured the drink while doing a handstand. Tuna shook his head and a hand slapped his back. He tensed, hand reaching for his sawed-off shotgun.
"I'd knock that guy out for fucking with my drink," a voice said behind him. There was something about it that sounded bittersweet to Tuna's ears.
"Touch me again and you'll be the one laid out on the floor" replied Tuna, turning slowly to meet the eyes of the man behind him. Memories flooded back to him immediately. "Efe?"
Their faces broke into smiles, but knowing the importance of their secrecy, Efe just sat down at the bar next to him.
"You're with Bronstein?", asked Tuna.
"And you're Tegan?", he replied, smirking.
"Isaac said you've got something for me."
"Straight to business, eh?"
"I don't particularly like being surrounded by Enfs. It never ends well."
Efe smiled and subtly looked around.
"Not here, not now."
Grunting in acceptance, Tuna downed his drink and turned to leave. The two made their way to the exit. Before they left, Tuna turned to look at Bronstein. He was gazing out the window with the look of those who have been witness to true evil.

The two sat in Tuna's Poloma Renegade, sparking up a joint. Efe reached in his pocket and pulled out a small pouch. He opened it and produced a small vial.

"I'm guessing I shouldn't open that," Tuna slurred.
"Haha, not unless you want to wipe out every human on Panau."
"Shit. That's what the Government are working on?" asked Tuna.
"This is just the tip of the iceberg. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff they're working on."
As the two talked, Isaac Bronstein walked out onto the balcony. They watched as he looked up at the sky, and a burly man marched to his side. They exchanged words and the man promptly left.
"Probably for the best that I didn't talk to him," Tuna murmured.

As he said that, a large cheer erupted from the bar and everyone left to watch the ensuing fireworks. He kept his eyes on Bronstein, tracking him through the crowd. The first fireworks went off, to the applause of the crowd. The explosions lit up the faces of the amassed Enforcers and Government officials, but Bronstein's wasn't among them.
"Shit!" exclaimed Tuna, "Hes gone!"
"Let's go! He's our only in at the Government research facilities!"
The two jumped out of the car and ran to the back of the bar. Fortunately, the staff were all watching the fireworks and sneaking drinks from behind their manager's back. Suddenly a door opened and a man with a bag over his head was pushed out. A flamboyantly dressed man and woman followed him out.
"Roaches. Must be." Efe whispered.
The man was being dragged to the staff car park where an MV Quartermaster was idling. Efe and Tuna leapt from their hiding place behind some bins.

"Hey! Drop him! Don't make this messy!" yelled Efe, assault rifle at the ready. Tuna pointed his own rifle at the duo, his aim slightly swaying because of the drugs.
The two figures paused for a second and looked at each other. A moment later a burst of bullets flew towards Tuna and Efe, who dived for cover.

"I love it when they pick the hard way," said Tuna, a stupid grin on his face as adrenaline coursed through his veins. The two broke cover, and in the light of exploding fireworks, they fired their rifles at the Roaches. The man fell without a noise, but the woman shrieked in pain as a bullet pierced her lung. Seeing the two enemies dispatched, Tuna and Efe slowly walked towards the wriggling man. As they walked closer, they heard the live Roach struggling to breathe as blood pissed out of her chest.
"Was that worth it?" asked Tuna.
She spat out blood and replied, "You don't know the atrocities this man has committed."
"He's a necessary evil," Efe sighed.
"So is this." In a flash, she pulled out her revolver and shot the bagged man. The fireworks had stopped some moments before, and the gunshot reverberated around the bay.
"No!" yelled Efe as Tuna emptied his clip into the wounded Roach.
A shout was heard from the bar, and a swarm of angry soldiers rushed out into the bay.
Gunshots spat out in the dark, sparks of light illuminating the angry faces of the Enforcers.
Tuna and Efe fired countless rounds into the crowd, but their numbers didn't seem to dwindle.
The two knew they wouldn't last much longer, but from the heavens came their salvation. The deafening noise of a G9's twin autocannons broke from the clouds, and the bar exploded in spectacular fashion. A bright yellow streak flew off back above the clouds.
The two stood in silent amazement at the sheer luck of their rescue.

"Well... that was..."
"A-fucking-mazing", interjected Efe, "I thought we were goners for sure!"
They heard brakes squealing and a revving engine above the crackling of the flames, and soon a Maddox careened into view. It stopped just short, and the headlights blinded Tuna and Efe.
"Tuna?" shouted the man driving. "Hey buddy get in!"
"Rorke? Rorke Walker? What're you doing here?" asked Tuna.
"I had to make sure Jeffrey didn't leave any alive," he said, pointing to the burning heap of corpses that used to be the Enforcer high command.
"He never misses, does he?" smirked Tuna, "Ah I haven't felt this amped up in ages!"
"Well we've got a ways to go before our work is done, Tuna," said Efe. "Especially now that we don't have our scientist."
Tuna nodded. "We need a base of operations and a team."
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Re: [IC] When Shit Hits the Fan

Postby efe petrikov » 05 Jan 2019, 20:55

(( I was casually listening music and browsing the forum, it was a big surprise to see myself in this amazing story. Thank you Tuna you made my day. Can't wait for more! ))
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