[IC] New Girl Group in town

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[IC] New Girl Group in town

Postby Sakura Miyawaki » 08 Jan 2019, 15:31

Panau 48, the 9th international group and sister group of AKB48. The group will be managed by REM in Panau and by REM/AKS for the rest of the world.

Roach Entertainment Media, a divison of Roach Corporation has acquired the rights to one of the most successful pop idol from Japan, the 48 Group. Creating our very own idol group, Panau 48. Sakura Miyawaki, General Manager of Roach Corporation and associate of the AKS will be the manager of the group. This will mark the first step of joint cooperation between AKS and REM. Member Selection will be held at Panau Falls Casino starting today until the end of January. For more information, Contact [email protected]

There are rumours that PNU48 will have its theatre at Melambak City while there are no words from REM/AKS yet.

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