Immunity Reduction From Lost Defense With New Points Gained

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Immunity Reduction From Lost Defense With New Points Gained

Postby ACuteKittenP » 08 Jan 2019, 19:54

The suggestion is pretty simple, I know from them discord discussion last night that some are opposed, some agree and some are indifferent but here it goes.

My suggestion is to reduce the active immunity time of a faction if they lose a point and during their active lost point immunity they gain one or more additional points.
Reminder that this is only for immunity gained from losing a point, immunity from a successful defense could be altered but I feel too many would be opposed to that. Also this would just be your active immunity not your immunity times overall. (if that makes sense)

The logic is that if you lose a point but during your immunity you gain one or more additional points you have recovered your loses and hence you should not be immune from attack anymore. If you are able to attack other factions territory and win you are clearly able to defend your own.

You don't need to outright LOSE your immunity but I think it'd be fair to say that at least a 1/4 or a 1/2 of the remaining time should be deducted. So for example, if you take a point when you have 18 hours active immunity left (from losing a point) it is deducted to say 9 hours and if you take another point during the remaining 9 hours immunity is reduces to 5 hours (always rounding up if you have a value of .5 or higher and rounding down if you have .4 or lower) etc

Some concerns that I want to preemptively address are it can wont necessarily hurt smaller factions as you are still able to attempt a cap during your immunity time should you desire but each point you gain during your immunity would just deduct from your active immunity which for some of the smaller factions shouldn't be too much of a problem anyways.
It will help create more opportunities for smaller factions to cap more land from more aggressive factions.
Not to mention for the most part its entirely opt-in able if you don't want your immunity times to be reduced because you don't have enough resources simply wait a little longer before attacking.

I don't mean to cause tension with this post I just thought it was a good idea. :hat:

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Re: Immunity Reduction From Lost Defense With New Points Gai

Postby Blackshad0w » 08 Jan 2019, 20:31

This will only punish smaller factions for regaining land. As a player who was in a small faction for quite some time it was usually extremely difficult and resource intensive to actually gain land from capping. In the rare opportunity that a small faction manages to succeed in a cap, this system would only make it easier for the largest faction to come in and take more land from them sooner which would kill their morale and likely end upward mobility of the faction as people rage quit to the system being built to punish their success.

With the current state of not being able to use personal money to buy vehicles for the grid, this will make it easier for a large faction to cap a small faction soon after they have expended a significant portion of their resources. There is no reason to touch immune times, they are there to prevent an unfun and unfair steamroll of the map by one faction that happens to have the most players. The idea that this would help small factions capture land from more aggressive factions is mislead, the small factions are small because they experience a harder time at captures and defenses so in the event they improve, fight hard, and win a capture this just means they will have to fight even harder and more often whereas the largest and strongest faction gets to attack more often and risks very little because they are better at captures and defenses and will most likely be able to defend more often and already have low immune times so would experience relatively no change in their immune time as the smaller factions could not hope to regain enough resources to launch another attack so soon after they succeed in one.

TLDR: This would brutally punish small factions for working hard and earning victories. With the recent increase in smaller faction activity, I'd rather not make the game less fun for them.
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Re: Immunity Reduction From Lost Defense With New Points Gai

Postby Jeffrey Baker » 08 Jan 2019, 20:56

+1, immunity time is there for factions to replenish their resources, if they can launch an attack (which requires more resources than defending in most cases) way before their immunity runs out then their immunity time is larger than it should be for resources.

I would say if you attempt a cap it takes 4 hours off your current immunity time and if you win a cap it takes around 8 hours off your immunity time.

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Re: Immunity Reduction From Lost Defense With New Points Gai

Postby Pie Eater » 08 Jan 2019, 21:05

It will help create more opportunities for smaller factions to cap more land from more aggressive factions.

you managed to conclude that the exact opposite would happen with this implementation. How in the world are small factions encouraged to cap anything when it will only dig in into their precious immunity time? Capping already is a worry for small faction, because they want to reserve alot for their defence. Should their defence fail, they lose a larger proportion of land instead of a large faction, who would lose practically nothing. Ontop of this, should it be encouraged from small factions to gain more land, instead of what you're suggesting and punishing them for gaining more land.

Let alone to mention that the immunity times of a big faction getting reduced is only a small amount that's actually cut down, but for roaches this is a matter of 12+ hours that get lost when they cap something, which is a huge amount.

Someone on discord mentioned that the immunity time is there so you can restock on AS and GS for your next fight. And even though I don't think this is entirely the case, there is a truth in it. So that concludes that if a faction caps within their immunity time, losing more AS and thus not being able to fully restock for their next DZ, it already weakens them in a way. Cutting down on the immunity time is only making a price to pay for something bigger, yet I believe the price paid for it is already sufficient.

The question we should really ask is whether or not we want to encourage small factions to regain land and get more survivability. I recon that most people would agree to that, if only to make that faction survive a bit longer. And this suggestion goes straight against that, and instead of encouraging them to gain more land, completely discouraging them for it, resulting in people not being happy when they enter a small faction, of which the amounts of land they have are way more important than a large faction.
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