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Enforcers - deadly armed militaristic faction, formed by Government.

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[IC] What's Mine Is Yours

Postby Patepostimies » 13 Jan 2019, 00:45

General Postimies prepares a statement for the press.

"Today marks another change in leadership of Enforcers. General Joestar stepped down from her position as the Commanding Officer of the Enforcers earlier today for reasons deemed classified until further notice. As of today, 13th of January I, Walter Pate Postimies, have been appointed as the new head of Enforcers. I will ensure you all that we continue to do everything in our power to deal with the imminent rebel threat as swiftly as possible. However recent evaluations have shown that the commanding structure of the Enforcers has been lacking at best, hindering our very ability to maintain the integrity of our nation. For these reasons I have taken up on issuing an executive order to abolish the drastic difference between the top ranking officials. No man will any longer wield power over an organization that was never meant to be run alone. We will be working closely with the Government to establish a structure to keep the interests for both the Enforcers and Government aligned now, and always. The age of tyranny is over."

And with that said, the room exploded into a tidewave of questions. Walter calmy stepped down from his booth and exited the room. The outcries of battle were calling, for war never changes...

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