Damage Scaling on High Armor targets

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Damage Scaling on High Armor targets

Postby SmithieSmith » 04 Mar 2019, 02:20

I would like to suggest that for Hunters the AR, and for Snipers, the Sniper scales when shooting at higher armor targets. It could be the equivalent of shooting armor piercing rounds because they are skilled with those weapons. This would not increase the base damage of those weapons for Hunters or Snipers. It would only apply when shooting at higher armor targets.

For example, lets say the base damage for a AR is 10, when shooting at a target with 3 or more armor it increases by 2 each time. So when shooting at a target with 3 armor you do 12 damage, with 4 you do 14 damage, and with 5 you do 16 damage. Of course I do not know the exact values and Keeri would have to balance it to what he seems fit, but I do think this change could be healthy for the balance of RLS.

I always have played combat roles, but now there is no point because it is just a name and they get no actual benefit of being a master of those weapons. With this addition it will give reason to be a hunter or a sniper, and master the weapon primarily used by both roles.
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Re: Damage Scaling on High Armor targets

Postby Noxxider » 04 Mar 2019, 08:50

I feel like adding this scaling would defeat the purpose of armour in the first place, which is to make something harder to kill - thick tank/plane armour isn't meant to be damaged easily anyway, especially with an infantry weapon. However a perk for rangers/hunters would be nice as there isn't any currently other than the fact that it signifies you enjoy ground combat.

Maybe if these armour piercing rounds could be balanced it would be a great addition to the server. Because this could be abused by people who become rangers/hunters just for the damage who are actually pilots, and deploy to the ground only if their AS has been shot down. We could see everyone become rangers yet still pilot AS and perform other roles. Personally, provided that it is not overpowered I believe a perk for rangers/hunters would be great +1

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Re: Damage Scaling on High Armor targets

Postby Drew Mendoza » 04 Mar 2019, 09:37

The idea itself sounds goods but I have to agree with Jack here, it kinda defeats the purpose of having armor on vehicles. Also even if this got implemented it must be excepted from damage buff, otherwise you might be able to take down an A/S or a tank with just a mag of your rifle which makes no sense. Excepting the damage dealt only by Rangers/Hunters might be hard to implement and might need some serious work. I never saw a member of a role dealt more damage to anything just because they're in that role, in my entire RLS experience, I'm not even sure if it's possible. Sorry but -1 from me.

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